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Defined as the generation born between the early 80’s and the early 2000’s, the population of millennials makes up the largest generation in the United States. In addition to their love of selfies, Snapchat, and being able to check social media or email on the go, millennials are tech-savvy, highly educated, and extremely concerned with Earth’s climate change. According to Stream Energy recent polling, an astonishing 80 percent of millennials want the U.S. to transition to mostly clean or renewable energy by 2030. This topic is only second in importance to requiring background checks for all gun purchases, at a slightly higher 82 percent favorability.


According to the University of Texas’ Energy Poll, there is a substantial gap between millennial and baby boomer renewable energy concerns. While 68 percent of adults under the age of 35 polled in support of reducing carbon emissions, only 50 percent of adults over the age of 65 agreed. Conversely, 49 percent of the baby boomers polled positively for expanding offshore oil development, while only 38 percent of millennials agreed. This trend continues in the case of approving the Keystone XL pipeline; while baby boomers polled at a 55 percent agreeable rating, their younger counterparts polled again at a mere 38 percent. An incredible 70 percent of millennials supported increasing science and research funding, while only a shockingly low 53 percent of boomers agreed.


Climate change education could be the main reason for the age-driven disagreements between baby boomers and millennials. While many present-day high schools require students to complete a course in environmental studies, the boomers may not have had this requirement. In addition, even if the boomers had taken an environmental studies class it would not have had any information on climate change. It was not until 1960 that the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were measured, and found to rise annually. The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was created in 1970 and became the world’s leader in climate change research. The election of 1981 brought political skepticism of the environmental movement, but the spark was reignited in 1983 with reports from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and Environmental Protection Agency that put “global warming” into mainstream politics. The timing of this research was too late for the boomers’ high school education. By definition the baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, which means they were graduating high school no later than 1982, a year before global warming was even discussed in politics.


Even if millennials did not earn their high school diploma with this environmental sciences education, the information driven through social media is significant. While more boomers are becoming computer-literate and slowly creating Facebook and Twitter accounts, this realm of technology is still generally millennial’s turf. While millennials may see constant posts of warning concerning the overarching threat of climate change, baby boomers simply are not.


In addition to this education, millennials will see the most significant changes that are yet to come. The fact is that millennials, people under 35, are generally going to live past their older counterparts. Perhaps unconsciously this puts boomers’ minds at ease. A reason to not believe what 95 percent of scientists and researchers claim about the Earth’s dangerously changing climate.
Using renewable energy is the second most important topic to young voters, trailing the first issue by a mere 2 percent. 80 percent of millennials want the country to transition to mostly clean and renewable energy by 2030, a lofty goal that will only be accomplished by action now. It is a quantifiable fact that millennials want renewable energy.



Tizen is a Linux-based operating system co-developed by Samsung, probably in a bid. The Android apparatus of the company’s have been more successful than its Tizen-established ones, but Samsung is nonetheless pushing forward with the new Samsung Z2 and its OS objectives to take matters to the next amount.

The Samsung Z2 is designed for budget-conscious consumers searching for expertise and an adequate functionality at a manageable price point.

The Tizen OS is mostly viewed as the Android option of Samsung, and its existence in the smartphone arena was restricted to merely two or three apparatus while it powers several Samsung smartwatches.

As the business’s third Tizen- smartphone, the new Samsung Z2 starts following the Z3 and the Samsung Z1, and it eventually comprises 4G support. Despite the somewhat small success of Tizen, Samsung keeps investing in the platform and the Z2 implies it may eventually be prepared for some serious prime time.

“It brings consumers a quick and affordable mobile web experience that may democratize 4G use in the nation.”

The Samsung Z2 does make an intriguing suggestion with its low price tag and some awesome perks for Indian customers while it is far from a power station.

Debut the first 4G smartphone running the OS marks a noteworthy landmark, although it’ll be intriguing to see whether Tizen will manage to play a larger part in Samsung’s mobile dreams. Samsung has yet to detail whether or not it intends to release its Samsung Z2 in other marketplaces internationally or when, but we’ll inform you as soon as we hear more.

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Samsung has began sending the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States but particular versions will not send for weeks.

The firm was applauded for its design art when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 advantage in 2015. The smartphones dropped the cheap feeling plastic assemble for a more superior metal and glass building that was on par with Apple’s high end iPhone design language for the very first time of their forerunners.

Demand for the Galaxy S6 border fast outstripped the supply of Samsung many customers who purchase the handset were met with delays and when the smartphone went on sale.

Silver Galaxy and the Blue Coral Note 7 are proving to be exceptionally popular and the source asserts the demand for the two colour choices and the firm shocked Samsung has issued a statement regarding the delays.

“We have experienced an unprecedented variety of pre orders and we are excited to start executing orders on August 19th.

Many customers need the apparatus that says to the world, “I ‘ve the latest and best new smartphone.” Apple will probably face exactly the same dilemma when it found the new Space that is rumored Black colour alternative for iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7, which are anticipated to establish in September.

Have you confronted transport delays and purchase Silver Samsung Galaxy or a Blue Coral Note 7? Please let our readers and us know in the comments below.

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From a fresh phase in pills. To Moto mods that are new. From apparatus that blur the lines of imagination and productivity to a completely new sort of intuitive computer keyboard,” says Lenovo.

Wearables for example fitness trackers and smartwatches have brought a great number of consumers across the world. Many makers have wearables that are several obtainable in the marketplace for a couple of years. Wearables can be paired with other apparatus, like smartphones, to enrich the general user experience.

Lenovo is planning to blend the technology that is smartwatch and smartphone.

Users may also flex and wrap it around their wrist, although the CPlus apparatus exploited and can be held like a standard smartphone. During the demonstration, a Lenovo executive flexed the apparatus, which afterward exhibited a splintered glass or appearance that was cracked.

The teaser additionally gives a glance of productivity products and a computer keyboard notion. Moreover, Lenovo comprised numerous Moto 360 shots in the clip, which suggests the business may declare the third gen Moto 360 at the occasion. The second-gen Moto 360 was declared at the 2015 IFA, making it likely for Lenovo

Until then, check out the IFA video teaser of Lenovo.

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With the Rio Olympics the customized smartphone was the star of an occasion in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Samsung rolled out the Rio 2016 program, as a means to observe the official start of its international effort for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Smartphone enthusiasts that were observant will discover the apparatus is the first to have an Olympic Games design embossed onto the cellphone itself. What’s more, the five official colours are part of the custom colorway routine from the cellphone.

Another area where users will find the outstanding colours of the Olympic Rings is the user interface of the handset. Both the lock display and the house display, alongside the notification message, dial, contact and bar displays will light up with the vibrant colours connected with the rings.

The smartphones include embedded backgrounds that are themed to reveal the competitive and eagerness, fairplay nature of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Meet the Equipment IconX wireless earphones sportspeople an increased fitness expertise.

Lee goes on to include that sports are helping individuals free themselves from the gravitational pull of complacency and challenge themselves.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach points out that Samsung managed to inspire the Olympic worth to many of its devotees, and to support the Olympic Games and “the power of sport.”

He commended the OEM of producing Galaxy S7 edge Limited Edition smartphones to the competing athletes for its generosity.

When Samsung offers the latest of its handsets to gifted athletes that compete in the Olympics it really is not the first time.

Beginning July 18, about 2,016 mobiles were made accessible in a number of states such as Brazil , States, China United the, Korea and Germany. What’s more, such apparatus began showing up online, too, with a Best Buy version costing $ 849.99.

Have a look at the video below to see how the limited edition that is glossy appears.

[embedded content]

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Samsung was the first OEM to enterprise into the land that is phablet, pushing at the borders of display size that is smartphone with its first Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S6 border was a success and the Galaxy S7 edge was more successful, signifying the slick and practical double-border curved screen is a recipe for greatness.

Xiaomi made a name for itself by offering affordable apparatus with remarkable specifications for their price points.

It appears like Xiaomi is looking to equal the new Galaxy Note 7 with its own variant of a double-curved display phablet. A fresh photograph leaked online revealing the unannounced apparatus of Xiaomi, and it seems Note 7 clone with a Mi symbol.

It could turn out to be fake, although the inferior quality of the photograph outflow implies that it may truly be a spy picture. Escapes do not always turn out to be precise and the credibility of this picture that is leaked isn’t confirmed.

Presuming the photograph is actual and reveals an approaching Xiaomi phablet with a double-curved screen, it is anyone’s guess what it’ll be called.

Xiaomi has yet to make any statement regarding a curved-display apparatus or opinion on this escape, but we’ll inform you as soon as it does. Meanwhile, what do you think of this escape? Would you be interested in a Galaxy Note 7 lookalike made by Xiaomi and likely to be priced substantially lower?

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Based on an LG earnings report, the successor of the multimedia-loaded LG V10 — purportedly dubbed LG V20 — is place to make its way to consumers in Q3 2016.

That’s right! On Thursday, July 28, LG announced its fiscal gains for Q2 2016.

LG is affirmative the V series apparatus will play a critical part in uplifting the sagging fortunes of the mobile department. The high marketing costs coupled with sluggish first sales of the business’s main LG G5 smartphone, have proven to be a drawback for the South Korean firm.

Despite the drawbacks, LG did figure out how to improve by 3 percent over Q1 2016 on its absolute smartphone shipping in Q2 2016. With the entrance of the V series — which will perhaps contain the successor of the LG V10 — the firm is headed in the correct way and the coming apparatus could help its boat.

Then the focus would be taken away from the LG offering, if the launching of the two smartphones clashed.

Now with the LG G5 sales not and the cellular department of the business not do well living up to expectations, LG is perhaps looking to bring a smartphone that is robust to catch consumers’ attention earlier instead of after.

However, considering its forerunner touted an impressive double-lens camera — albeit a tad — the LG V20 could follow suit.

With LG affirming the V series smartphone start in Q3 2016 we’ll shortly understand what the business has up its sleeve.

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Folks are now able to stream episodes of Once Upon A Time or American Horror Story without having to use their high speed information and risking being billed overages for going over their allotted sum.

The other services now featured are Big Ten Network, CEEK VR, DISH Anyplace, D-PAN.TV, DramaFever, Shalom World, Sioeye and Tubi TV.

These recently additional services join the pre existing others like YouTube, HBO and Netflix. And with these accessions, T Mobile’s Binge On has reached an important landmark.

Only think of all the individuals capable to stream Game of Thrones or Orange Is the New Black when commuting or traveling and without having to worry about their bill.

On video providers, the variety of Binge has quadrupled with these new accessions since the launching of the software. Is the application advantageous to customers who do not desire to use all their info, but it’s also advantageous to suppliers who get more eyes streaming their content for longer periods of time.

Based on data from a survey 80 percent of suppliers have reported that their content is being watched by their customers longer and often on their smartphones. 45 percent of suppliers that have paid subscriptions reported they expect to sell more subscriptions due to Binge On. The best part is that joining the application costs these suppliers nothing.

T Mobile is also giving its customers endless info to play Pokémon GO via its T Mobile Tuesdays program. Those who redeem the offer on the program will get to play the game that is popular can binge-play without using their information for a year.

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