The Best Home Security Apps


Back in the 80s, phones were used for calling family and friends. Since then, with the introduction of the smartphone, our current cell phones are like miniature computers. You can text, send email, peruse social media, Google and download apps. Some of the apps that you can download may very well protect you, your family and your home from intruders. These home security apps are either proprietary or apps and can easily be connected to your home security system.


An industry leader in the home security world, is available for free on the iPhone, Windows and Android phones. can easily be connected with most home security companies. Its website is secure and has reliable ratings. You can use this app to control the lights and temperature, lock and unlock doors, and watch live video streamings.




Although the Dropcam app is free, the required camera costs $149. Available at the App Store and Google Play, this app offers many exclusive features that are not found on other home security apps. In addition to recording a live stream, the app allows you to interact directly with an intruder in the room. You can monitor the energy usage and even the levels of carbon monoxide or smoke in the room. This app will spot any potential danger and alert you quickly.




This home security app is free, available at the App Store and Google Play. This app allows you to reuse an old smartphone or tablet and lets you monitor the house while you are away on vacation. This app detects motion in the home and then automatically alerts you with a recorded video, guarding you against false alarms.




The iCam app costs only $4.99 and can quickly be installed on multiple smartphones and tablets at the same time. The iCam requires the free iCamsource app to stream live videos onto the computer. This app detects motion in the home and alerts you with a recorded video. The beauty of this app is the ability to connect the home security system to more than one device for increased protection.




This home security app is free but requires a camera which costs $79. When an intruder is detected, this app will send alerts via email, text or phone call. You can then choose to ignore it or call the police. You can also change the direction of the camera simply by swiping with your finger on your connected mobile device so you can check the hidden corners of your house even when you are not home!




Although this app requires an XFINITY account and a service plan, it offers many useful features. You can monitor your thermostats and lights and even lock your door from the convenience of your smartphone. You are afforded automatic alerts with key video footage to your phone. You can make sure that your kids get home safely even when you are not home.


Although there are numerous home security apps on the market today, I’ve highlighted six that all offers a different feature. Some of them are free, some of them are not, and some require a camera in order to use the free app. All of these apps can be easily connected to your home security system so feel free to check them out. Protect your home today with a simple swipe of your smartphone.