Data science: 5 measures you can take online for free

From acquiring the right skills to acing your first interview, these resources can help place you on the correct course

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Credit: International Data Group

Making a career shift is difficult, but few things are more inspiring than a dearth of rivalry and the prospect of a great wages.Here is a little sample for each step of the manner.

1. Realize what it truly is

Each video centers around a particular facet, for example “The 5 questions data science replies” and “Is your info prepared for data science?”

2. Dig a bit deeper

You might want to begin getting a sense of the lay of the land by tapping into some of the large sites and community sites out there, if you think that might be interested in a profession in data science.

3. Learn the ropes

Interested? Then you are likely to need to develop some abilities, as Adam Flugel, a data-science recruiter with Burtch Works, noted in an interview. DataCamp delivers education for people and groups; other on-line alternatives comprise this basic textbook and Open Source Data Science Masters, which is accessible as a free PDF through a Creative Commons license. KDnuggets has a fine list of its own with other choices that are great.

4. Get work

Correlation Coefficient One, a website that just started bills itself as a matchmaker for companies and data scientists.

5. Prepare to impress

Once you get an interview, there is nothing more trust-building than skilled suggestions for acing it. Best of luck!