Informatica CEO: ‘Data security is an unsolved issue’

A year after going private, the data direction specialist is expanding into new lands

Image by CyberHades


“You hear about infractions all the time — only picture all the ones you are not hearing about,” Chakravarthy said in a recent interview. “Data security now is an unsolved issue for customers.”


The business is planning more security-related statements for this autumn.

“We believe our focus on info can bring a brand new tactic,” Chakravarthy clarified. “Rather than focusing on infrastructure and networks, you must concentrate on the information, wherever it is.”

The difficulty needs visibility and insight into information at a comprehensive level, to put it differently, and Informatica believes it can offer that in a way no other supplier can. “I do not see anyone else with the same strategy,” Chakravarthy said.


Accelerating the previous year has brought great advancement, and Informatica’s transformation for the cloud and big data was the primary goal in going private, Chakravarthy

The cloud is its principal focus now.

Never before have businesses had this sort of fragmentation and explosion of information outside their control.”

Yet, businesses remain responsible for it as their info becomes dispersed.


“Big data technologies are getting to be more mature, but what many businesses actually need are the information direction, sophistication, and procedures they’ve had previously,” he said. “They still desire these conventional things.”

Looking forward, Informatica is finding growing growth in Europe and Asia, Chakravarthy said, and the business is forging partnerships in those areas to continue that trend.

“We see incredible opportunity helping businesses use info to transform their procedures and think of new business models,” he said. “We are excited about the journey.”