Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Apparatus In An IFA Video Teaser



From a fresh phase in pills. To Moto mods that are new. From apparatus that blur the lines of imagination and productivity to a completely new sort of intuitive computer keyboard,” says Lenovo.


Wearables for example fitness trackers and smartwatches have brought a great number of consumers across the world. Many makers have wearables that are several obtainable in the marketplace for a couple of years. Wearables can be paired with other apparatus, like smartphones, to enrich the general user experience.

Lenovo is planning to blend the technology that is smartwatch and smartphone.

Users may also flex and wrap it around their wrist, although the CPlus apparatus exploited and can be held like a standard smartphone. During the demonstration, a Lenovo executive flexed the apparatus, which afterward exhibited a splintered glass or appearance that was cracked.



The teaser additionally gives a glance of productivity products and a computer keyboard notion. Moreover, Lenovo comprised numerous Moto 360 shots in the clip, which suggests the business may declare the third gen Moto 360 at the occasion. The second-gen Moto 360 was declared at the 2015 IFA, making it likely for Lenovo