LG V20 With Free Extras Accessible From T Mobile With Preorders


T Mobile has announced it’s taking preorders for the LG V20. The provider is offering some free extras, including a pair of B& $ 200, LG tablet computer and O Play headset credit for any 4G smartphone

Several smartphone manufacturers are expected to see increased sales of its greatest and latest devices thanks to the Galaxy of Samsung Note 7 fiasco. Notably its Pixel XL and Google’s new Pixel should scoop up some

LG, which was placing its latest main phablet, the LG V20, as a Note 7 opponent is about to see how much of the difficulty of Samsung becomes its advantage. T Mobile has just declared that it’s now taking preorders for the LG V20 and in an effort to entice more customers, the provider is offering some free extras when customers preorder the phablet.

When trading in any functioning 4G smartphone will receive at least $ 200 in credit. The insurance company will even contain a free pair of superior H3 by B&O Play earphones, which are a $ 149 value. T Mobile is offering a free LG tablet computer after 24-month financing arrangement.

The device also features a fingerprint scanner on its back case to unlock the handset and authorize payments that are mobile.

If you are interested in purchase the LG V20, head over to T Mobile’s online store.

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