Report: Google on pace to sell 3 million Pixels by the end of the year

Google’s Pixel is a success, with some versions out of stock a few months after start.

The 32GB Pixel, the most economical cellphone, comes in at 22 percent.

We ’ll shortly find a Galaxy S8 in a couple of months as Samsung strives to rally from the disaster that is Note7.

Deep integration of Google services and the Google Play Shop will result in additional opportunities to rake in the money.

As for getting your hands on one some Pixel versions are still difficult to come by.

Why this matters: Google’s initiative to compete directly in the smartphone company is unquestionably paying off. The Apple-like integration of software and hardware is the correct strategy for a business that is certainly betting on its services being a crucial part of your digital life. Additional success for the Pixel, nevertheless, hinge upon getting the cellphone into other carrier shops. Now Verizon is the sole insurance company to sell the Pixel.

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