Based on an LG earnings report, the successor of the multimedia-loaded LG V10 — purportedly dubbed LG V20 — is place to make its way to consumers in Q3 2016.

That’s right! On Thursday, July 28, LG announced its fiscal gains for Q2 2016.

LG is affirmative the V series apparatus will play a critical part in uplifting the sagging fortunes of the mobile department. The high marketing costs coupled with sluggish first sales of the business’s main LG G5 smartphone, have proven to be a drawback for the South Korean firm.


Despite the drawbacks, LG did figure out how to improve by 3 percent over Q1 2016 on its absolute smartphone shipping in Q2 2016. With the entrance of the V series — which will perhaps contain the successor of the LG V10 — the firm is headed in the correct way and the coming apparatus could help its boat.

Then the focus would be taken away from the LG offering, if the launching of the two smartphones clashed.

Now with the LG G5 sales not and the cellular department of the business not do well living up to expectations, LG is perhaps looking to bring a smartphone that is robust to catch consumers’ attention earlier instead of after.

However, considering its forerunner touted an impressive double-lens camera — albeit a tad — the LG V20 could follow suit.

With LG affirming the V series smartphone start in Q3 2016 we’ll shortly understand what the business has up its sleeve.


U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless is apparently poised to introduce alterations to its strategies, which will make them more pricey. Nonetheless, the data will be increased by Verizon. ( Eric Hauser | Flickr )


Based on a report from on-line publication CNET, which cites sources knowledgeable about the issue, Verizon is set to increase the cost of its strategies.

Based on CNET, the cost changes are part of a huge overhaul for the subscriber strategies of the carrier. This strategy will give people “a brand new means to prevent overage fees, and better accessibility to Canada and Mexico.”

For those wondering how subscribers’ smartphone strategies will be changed by the Verizon cost allowances, here are the details:

S Plan

This strategy will increase from $ 30 to $ 35 per month. Yet, for the additional $ 5, subscribers of this strategy will get 2 GB of info rather than the preceding 1 GB.

M Plan

This strategy will become $ 50 a month and also finds a rise of $ 5.

L Plan

For the additional $ 10, consumers’ info will even find a rise from 6 GB to 8 GB.

XL Plan

The XL Strategy, which formerly cost $ 80 a month, will be $ 90 a month. Subscribers’ info will be from 12 GB at 16 GB.

XXL Plan

Via this program, users can switch from paying overage fees on the Security Mode, that will safeguard subscribers.

The Security Style will be free for subscribers of the XL or XXL strategies. In case you are on the S, L or M strategies, then you may need to shell out $ 5 to get the functionality.

If you’re an existing Verizon subscriber, you’ll have the alternative of changing to some of the strategies that are new, but will not be compelled to change over.

A representative from the insurance company simply disclosed that folks should “stay tuned” for an announcement and indicated “fireworks” this week.


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