The smartphone introduces demanding rivalry in the smartphone section that is affordable, with a superior layout along with a fantastic build.


Actually, the clasp is a lot better for one-given use.

“It seems better and feels a lot smoother when you pat and swipe your fingers around the monitor.”

The Victor: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


With complete High Definition as well as same screen size, many would anticipate both smartphones to possess the exact same display qualities. Well, that’s not true here.

The Redmi cellphone appears to create exact colours. Under direct sun, the Xiaomi display does appear legible thanks to the Sunshine Screen technology of Xiaomi. In contrast, Honor doesn’t have great viewing angles, and colour reproduction is somewhat less remarkable.

The Victor: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4


Both handsets supplied similar functionality generally, so we couldn’t determine on a clear winner.

The Victor: It Is a tie!


The Note 4 may fire photographs that are adequate and comes with 13 MP back cameras.

The Victor: Huawei Honor 6X


With a bigger battery capacity , the mAh of 4,100 Xiaomi smartphone continues longer than the

The Victor: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

From attributes that are complete, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 generally seems to be the selection using battery life that is bigger and a better screen.

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The Mate 9 Lite has one important drawback, however, since the merchandise leaves seem to have lost the camera maker’s emblem, and it is the lack of Leica shots in the rear. Leica was a large collaborator for Huawei in the development of its premium mains, and it is unlucky to not locate hints of its venture that is profitable on the Mate 9 Lite.

Huawei has eschewed any suitable unveiling for this mid range offering, choosing instead to record the Mate 9 Lite on its website unannounced.

Huawei Mate 9 Lite

The name of the device should be enough indication to imply that it will not come with top-grade and superior specs. However, the Mate 9 Lite remains quite adequate. It clearly will not hold a candle to its siblings that are more powerful, but anticipate this to be the most affordable Mate 9 smartphone of the roll.

Huawei Mate 9 Lite Specs

Though it will be a tremendous step down, like its bigger counterparts, the Mate 9 Lite will even have double cameras.

However, we would not be surprised if Huawei prefers otherwise.

The Mate 9 will even come with Huawei’s custom user interface called Emotion UI, or EMUI, but it will be a step down from EMUI 5.0 to EMUI 4.1

Mate 9 Lite Pricing And Availability

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Here’s what you must understand about pricing, specs, options and availability. ( Huawei )


The premium Huawei MateBook Windows 10 2 in 1 is eventually available for preorder, next month ahead of its commercial launch.

The 12-inch apparatus rocks is packed with strong specs and a striking layout and attributes around, which might turn it into a fantastic success for the growing Chinese brand.

The MateBook Computer Keyboard case costs $ 129, the Huawei MatePen costs $ 59 while the mobile MateDock sits at $ 89.

The computer keyboard has a metal framework that gives it additional strength and solidity and is backlit, and it may also take a spill or two, thanks to its liquid-resistant coating. The MatePen boasts an integrated laser pointer, notable pressure sensitivity (2,048 amounts) and a clicker button for demos.

Preorders are accessible exclusively via the Microsoft Store, but the Huawei MateBook will be accessible from Newegg and Amazon after it found on July 11.

“Huawei MateBook has created unbelievable exhilaration since its launching at Mobile World Congress and brought rave reviews from technology enthusiasts around the globe,” said Yanyan Ji, Vice President of Advertising, Huawei Apparatus USA. “MateBook joins the finest of a tablet computer and notebook, and exhibits the kind of premium encounter Huawei customers anticipate and Huawei is understood for.”

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