Samsung has allegedly finished internal investigation over Galaxy Note 7 units plus it’s already revealed the findings to external laboratories, like the Korea Testing Laboratory, and UL.

Why Galaxy Note 7 Units Burst

Initially, Samsung -main was vaunted as one of the best-grade Android smartphones consumers could buy, yet this standing was shortly tainted by numerous instances of components that are bursting. The episodes convinced Samsung to trawl back all the components that were affected, but its numerous measures did not straighten out the faux pas. Ultimately, Samsung canceled generation of Galaxy Note 7 handsets totally.

Samsung began investigating the situation immediately, but it’d problem mimicking the conditions under which fire was caught by the apparatus, according to some reports.

The outcome of the investigation have thus far stayed unshared with the press.

Samsung’s Next Main

“I feel greatly regretful to discover news of the recent efforts at information infraction and model leak,” Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s cellular telephone company leader, said. Diverse and growing conjecture prompted his call about the apparatus.

An official unveiling might be scheduled before, although the Galaxy S8 is going to be published in 2017.

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Google’s Pixel is a success, with some versions out of stock a few months after start.

The 32GB Pixel, the most economical cellphone, comes in at 22 percent.

We ’ll shortly find a Galaxy S8 in a couple of months as Samsung strives to rally from the disaster that is Note7.

Deep integration of Google services and the Google Play Shop will result in additional opportunities to rake in the money.

As for getting your hands on one some Pixel versions are still difficult to come by.

Why this matters: Google’s initiative to compete directly in the smartphone company is unquestionably paying off. The Apple-like integration of software and hardware is the correct strategy for a business that is certainly betting on its services being a crucial part of your digital life. Additional success for the Pixel, nevertheless, hinge upon getting the cellphone into other carrier shops. Now Verizon is the sole insurance company to sell the Pixel.

This report, “Report: Google on pace to sell 3 million Pixels by the end of the year” was initially released by Greenbot.

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Reports from Nexus and Pixel cellphone owners are piling up that the apparatus are revealing shaky Bluetooth connectivity and pairing.

Bluetooth In-Car Connectivity

Especially, it appears like an increasing variety of users are having problem connecting their cellphones to their smart autos via Bluetooth. What’s more, once the autos are eventually connected to by the cellphones, the link is shaky and can break at any moment.

As the business already notes that’s looking into the issue it really is better to wait for Google to address the issue freely.

Bluetooth Music

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P Bluetooth Issue

It may be that the issue lies within the applications more than the hardware.

Google didn’t define whether the 6P or the 5X are facing the difficulty, but chances are that it’s both. Here is a helpful guide to mending other Nexus 6P problems that are common.


Until then, Nexus and Pixel owners might need to rely on their handsets’ loudspeakers for music that is loud while driving.

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Based on an LG earnings report, the successor of the multimedia-loaded LG V10 — purportedly dubbed LG V20 — is place to make its way to consumers in Q3 2016.

That’s right! On Thursday, July 28, LG announced its fiscal gains for Q2 2016.

LG is affirmative the V series apparatus will play a critical part in uplifting the sagging fortunes of the mobile department. The high marketing costs coupled with sluggish first sales of the business’s main LG G5 smartphone, have proven to be a drawback for the South Korean firm.


Despite the drawbacks, LG did figure out how to improve by 3 percent over Q1 2016 on its absolute smartphone shipping in Q2 2016. With the entrance of the V series — which will perhaps contain the successor of the LG V10 — the firm is headed in the correct way and the coming apparatus could help its boat.

Then the focus would be taken away from the LG offering, if the launching of the two smartphones clashed.

Now with the LG G5 sales not and the cellular department of the business not do well living up to expectations, LG is perhaps looking to bring a smartphone that is robust to catch consumers’ attention earlier instead of after.

However, considering its forerunner touted an impressive double-lens camera — albeit a tad — the LG V20 could follow suit.

With LG affirming the V series smartphone start in Q3 2016 we’ll shortly understand what the business has up its sleeve.


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A leaked T Mobile file implies the carrier could maybe be planning to establish a buy-one-get-one deal for Galaxy S7 advantage and the Samsung Galaxy S7. However, there are a few conditions to be qualified for this particular promo.
(Photo : TmoNews)

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are pegged to reach the shelves commencing March 11 in various markets around the world. It appears that T Mobile is intending to give S7 advantage or a buy one Galaxy S7, get the pot to sweeten.

TmoNews reports a source, likely an employee at T Mobile, sent in an image showing a file off from the carrier.

Consumers that are curious must need to satisfy a number of conditions to qualify for this particular buy-one-get-one deal for the hottest Samsung mains.

1. Both cellphones should be purchased on Gear Installment Plans (EIP).
2. There’s additionally a reference of a prepaid MasterCard mail-in rebate (MIR).
3. For each accounts, the file says that this deal carries a limit of two cellphones that are free.
4. Lastly, T Mobile workers are not eligible for the offer.

Should you take this story using a grain of salt, while there’s nothing official yet, it truly is wise.

When purchase one of both of these new main apparatus, the carrier is bundling a free Gear S2 or Equipment Virtual Reality headset, but for a restricted time

Subject to confirmation, customers will receive offer within about 4-6 weeks after verification of offer claim.”

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