Tesla forces speed limits that are tough on its Autopilot self-driving system

Sticking to that custom that is driving, Tesla permits drivers to place their auto’s Autopilot attribute to hum along marginally faster compared to the posted speed limit in particular scenarios. But that’s finishing, as Electrek lately found. 

Tesla affirmed that it is rolling out an upgrade from exceeding the speed limit, to prevent autopilot. Prior to this upgrade, drivers could use Autopilot’s cruise control attribute to really go journey at 5 miles per hour over the posted rate on roads and non-divided highways, based on Electrek. Autopilot has a tough upper speed limit of 90 miles per hour. 

Tesla’s new speed limit enforcement seems to be an added security measure for the business’s semi-sovereign Autopilot system. 

The story supporting the story: The new safety features are also coming out just as the business is hard at work setting the basis for completely independent autos.

Self-driving into the future

Nevertheless, the newer system needs to reach feature parity with older variants of Autopilot, before that may occur. 

Along with Tesla, car companies including BMW and Ford have strategies to improve their self-driving systems. 

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