Do you like to travel but hate packing? Many people can certainly relate to each other. All those heavy and large backpacks can turn any hiking or camping adventure into an annoyingly painful grind. Whether you’re planning a weekend in the woods, a day hike or a trek, owning the best lightweight backpack is the secret to a successful adventure.

The lighter your backpack, the more fun you will be.

The concept of packing light no longer applies only to long-distance travelers. The whole idea appeals to anyone who wants to go on an adventure at least once. Since a lightweight backpack is more comfortable so you can enjoy your outdoor adventure worry-free, more and more people are wondering how to choose the best lightweight backpack.

What should you look for when shopping for a lightweight backpack?

Lets choose the best backpack with these 5 tips :-

-The weight of the backpack-

If the backpack you choose is already heavy without anything in it, imagine how much it will weigh when you fill it. Make sure the backpack is made of lightweight yet sturdy material so it doesn’t tear after the first use. Cuben fibers or nylon used in lightweight backpacks make them highly functional and durable.

-The size of the backpack-

The size of your bag limits the amount of stuff and items you can pack. Don’t limit yourself to buying a smaller backpack just because you think it’s more convenient. You may find yourself in the situation of giving up essential items for your trip because there is no more room for them.


Even waterproof  or water resistant backpacks can leak water inside through low-quality zippers. Make sure the backpack you choose has a waterproof lining and zippers.

-Compartments and pockets-

Make sure the main compartment is big enough to fit all your gear. All additional compartments must be easily accessible and large enough to hold all the items you will need in an emergency. Make sure you also have a bottle holster so you can easily get to your water bottle. Staying well hydrated while hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities is very important.

-Fit, belts and belts-

A good fit of the backpack making it comfortable. Make sure it is not too big for you and that it feels comfortable when worn. The straps and straps attached to them, such as a lap belt, shoulder and chest straps, should fit properly and never be too tight. They will hold the backpack in place and take some of the weight off your back.

The advantages of a lightweight backpack: –

Since packing light doesn’t necessarily mean leaving all the essentials behind, you can choose to pack smart. Keeping your destination or type of adventure in mind, you can choose what you really need and what you don’t. You will be amazed how much more fun you will be if you don’t carry all that weight on your shoulders.

Choosing the best lightweight backpack will:

– Make it easier to move

– Be better for the body

– Stop causing back pain and joint pain

– Reduce the risk of injury

– Make you move faster

Choose to buy the best lightweight backpack you can afford. It will definitely make a difference on the trails.

Source by Abdul Saleem PN


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