What is the best aquarium for a crayfish? Well, the answer to this question depends on a few things. Are you planning to let other fish live with your crayfish? Are you planning to have another crayfish together? Because if you do, a desktop or 10-gallon aquarium probably won’t be ideal. I know from experience. I personally would recommend a 20 gallon aquarium for just one crayfish, nothing smaller.

Crayfish are very dirty

Crayfish are dirty critters. They made a lot of waste. And this waste can make your aquarium ugly and poisonous to other fish, if you have them. With a larger tank, such as a 20-gallon tank, there is more water to take on the cargo of all your crayfish waste.

Crayfish are aggressive and territorial

Crayfish eats and fights almost everything. They are super aggressive and territorial. That said, if you plan to have other fish in your aquarium, you want an aquarium large enough to keep everyone comfortable. Having a larger tank reduces the chances of your other fish being eaten by your crayfish. They have more space for swimming. And your crayfish will have its little territory all to itself. However, remember that with other crayfish, any other fish in your aquarium can become lobster feed at any time. I always recommend putting aggressive fish in the tank and fish that swim at the top. Red-tailed sharks, mollies, and axfish often work well with crayfish. They have it for me in the past anyway.

Water changes

With an aquarium that’s a minimum of 20 gallons, managing water changes for your crayfish and other fish will be much easier. Speaking of which, make sure to change about 25% of the water weekly. This ensures a healthy, clean tank. One that will keep your other fish healthy as well as your crayfish.

If you get two crayfish

If you decide to take two crayfish and put them in one aquarium. Based on my experience, it is only a matter of time before one eats the other. I personally think you need a tank larger than 20 gallons for two crayfish. However, if you must have two crayfish, make sure you have separate hiding places for both. These can be purchased online, made from PVC or found in most pet stores that sell aquariums.

Source by Elvis Jackson Jr.


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