While some people wish you hadn’t, you eventually decided to get your first tattoo done, and you’re really excited because you did your due diligence. You researched the artists in the area, inspected and checked out all the salons you had in mind, and even had a great design in mind. But there is one problem: how do you know if your chosen artist is using the best tattoo ink in the business?

If you are anything like most people hearing about the varying scale of tattoo ink quality, you are now quite deflated and unsure about progressing your tattoo. First of all, don’t feel so bad. It turns out that most tattoo artists agree that a problem they often notice among clients is a lack of knowledge about ink quality. You’re not alone in missing this one detail, but in the big picture it’s a pretty big deal. But don’t be discouraged.

As with any artist, he or she can learn their craft with what can be considered a rudimentary resource, and gradually become more skilled in their craft. As time goes on, their talent dictates that their tools of choice improve in quality. Ask a concert violinist what kind of violin he or she plays, and you won’t be surprised that it doesn’t come from an online wholesaler. The best tattoo artists are the same. They look for the best tools, so that when the customer is in their seat, the customer knows that this is exactly where he should be.

But if you start with tattoo number one, you may not know how to break this topic. The best advice about this feeling – dispel it immediately. You are talking about the beginning of a journey that will not only leave you with a lifelong piece of body art, but you will also place a strange substance in your body. You owe it to yourself to get skinny if your tattoo artist has the best ink on their station.

How do you find out? Here are some tips:

Learn more about industry favorites and standards – Do some research and find out which ink brands and ingredients are most commonly used.

Ask artists what they use and why – Every trader chose their tools for a reason, and so goes the tattoo artist’s journey. This is where your research is paying off.

Read industry rankings for ink rankings – View all published material on tattoos, artists and even ink models. Also check out the FDA for quite a lot of information about tattoo ink and your health.

Don’t buy the hype – Hyperbole is a safe way to know if someone is pulling on your leg. You want genuine info, instead of a sales pitch.

The best tattoo ink may be difficult to determine, since you first need to define what & # 39; the best & # 39; really means. In addition, keep in mind that the type of ink your artist uses may depend on your tattoo. It may seem like a rut to go through all this, but the best tattoo artists out there always love to share their knowledge and talk shop with someone who is really interested in it. If you don’t feel that atmosphere, you have to find another artist.

Source by Morris Raymond


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